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A digital solution for tenants, owners, and building management to live, to work, and to make decisions smarter.

Why bamms?

Our solution will help you to improve your maintenance process from:

Corrective ➔ Preventive ➔ Predictive

Transform your buildings into Digital Buildings now


Learn how we can help you to measure and maximize your operational efficiency through our data and analytics.


Learn how we can help you to provide a smarter living experience for your tenants and with invoice generation and payment collection.


Learn how we can help you to improve your assets & facilities management with automated scheduling for maintenance.

Tenants & Owners


Create, submit, and manage all of your inquiries easily with our mobile application, available on iOS and Android.

Get to know your billing items, receive real-time work progress, and when the work is done, give approval and feedback.


Receive invoices and reminders as push notifications on your mobile apps and e-mail.

Seamless payment for service charge, sinking fund, and utility bills from your mobile phone at your convenience.

Value Added Services

Book facilities, request housekeeping & laundry services, and purchase daily needs such as water and gas, all directly from your mobile phone.

Service Records and Historical Data of Units

Any inquiries, maintenance requests, and previous work will be stored in the database and can be viewed in real-time to show the service records and historical data of the units.

By leveraging and analyzing data, our solution is able to provide business insights that will assist owners in making a better decision for their units.

Building Management

Increase Productivity

Measure & Optimize Operational Costs

Reduce operational costs on human resources, stationary & paperwork.

Automate Invoicing & Collection Process

Simplify billing, invoice generation, and collection by automating the process.

Generate Custom Reports & Analytics

Get business insights by analyzing operational performance from reports.

Join Our Mission In Building 1.000 Digital Cities

It is a known fact that real estate development can be very costly, but what many don’t realize is that the life-cycle of a property doesn’t really end when the construction is completed. As a matter of fact, it is just the beginning. Statistics have shown that in the long run, say after 10 years, the cost of maintaining a building and making sure that everything is still working, is actually much higher than the construction cost.

We realize that something has to be done, which is why we came up with bamms, a digital solution for tenants, building management, and owners to live, work, and make decisions smarter. Our solution changes your maintenance style from reactive to proactive, and thereby taking its process from the most basic, which is corrective, and with automated scheduling, improving it to preventive, and finally, by leveraging historical data, elevating it into predictive.

Our Clients & Partners

We are building digital cities for smarter living experience for these amazing clients:

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