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A property management platform that helps you streamline all your daily management and supercharge your entire business operation. With bamms, deliver more values for your tenants in the most efficient ways while keeping up productivity. Leave all the hassles behind and focus on full scale-up instead. Digitize and switch to auto-pilot with bamms today!

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Regardless of your property size or types, bamms benefit owners, managers and tenants in multiple ways.
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Increase your occupants’ loyalty by delivering smart maintenance without the extra tedious work. Tap into our purpose-built data and tools, designed to simplify your daily tasks, increase efficiency & cover your operational needs.


With one single platform, manage your entire apartment portfolio like a pro. Go from outdated to modern operation that lets your team work together anytime, anywhere. Keep your tenants happy & your staff, even more productive.

Housings & Residential

Less worrying, more living! Find ways to let your residents synergize as a community. Open two-ways communication via news, updates, services and all information via easy access. Unite through technology for strong togetherness & connectivity.


Run a business area or complex? It does not have to be complicated. Track your data, maintain assets, automate work, and handle documents through our integrated system in one single platform.

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Any property or real estate requires long-term maintenance and support. Our digital initiative strives to help owners, tenants and the whole management to live and work smarter. Through data-driven solutions, make smarter decisions, be more proactive, and leverage benefits to your community as a whole.

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