Who We Serve

Bamms are specifically designed for different property portfolios. We serve all building and real estate owners of all sizes, so that your tenants and management team.

  • Office
  • Apartments
  • Housing & Residentials
  • Commercial


Save time & money in managing your estate or building through one platform.


Allow your workforce to collaborate seamlessly for mutual efficiency.

Housings & Residential

Connect to a fully-integrated living experience for homeowners and tenants.


Track data, maintain assets, automate work and handle all inquiries effortlessly.

How bamms is Different

Remarkable Service

We aim to continue to grow with you. By working closely together, our team strives to discover issues long before problems arise and offer long-term support. Through a holistic service & assistance, you can focus more on future growth rather than day-to-day tasks.

Curated Integration with Partner

We work with selected service providers to deliver proven solutions, including finance & accounting software, cleaning services, security team and more.

Targeted to End Users

Through our network and platform, we help deliver more values to your residents, tenants and occupants. Allow your community to thrive by service-discovery and more connectivity.

Why bamms?

As a property owner or manager, your goal is to provide real values for your tenants and run a smooth workflow within your team. This sounds easy, until you’re met with insurmountable daily tasks, inquiries, schedules, changing situations & problems every 24/7.

The fact is, you don’t need another business software, but rather.

an inclusive problem-solving service provider.

This is where bamms comes in, as a partner who understands your specific issues and tackles them in advance. Our approach is user-centric & flexible, prioritizing you at the center of control. With bamms, go beyond technology and start delivering values where it matters, including scaling-up to your business full potentials.

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